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Final Encounter: Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100G – The Gangsta Breed Internal Evaluations

There is 1 particular site that is using my images without consent, eventho this is just my sharing blog and im not even a pro-blogger who gets $$ from ads and traffic. yes guys and gals, this is an ad-free blog that i do for fun and some guy have the nerve to just plagiarizer my work. Enough of my self.

its running on android version 2.3.5 and its all been mentioned at other  blogs how it looks like and usage and etc. for me coming from different platform usage (winMo 6.5, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and even WinPhone7) honestly, android has grown up from version 2.0 til its iteration now. kudos to google team (eventho Stevie think you guys are copy-cats).

lets move on to the benchmarks>
Bench 0

many ppl say many things. for me, im happy with the 1 day++ battery life (with 24hrs data usage, screen on 20% brightness & push notifications for whatsapp, FB, push mails & tweetdeck above)

Bench 1

and did u all also noticed that the new nexus prime is also on the same proc brand even tho a slight different in model no as the Gangsta model? heheh. meaning if the ice cream sandwich works there, no issues with porting it to the Gangsta rite?

Bench 2
many will tell you, no Gangsta is honey, it all depends on how you look at it? it could be that the new android platform and architecture are so advance, it can run on minimal resources for processing power and also graphics as well ( 4.0 is really minimalist is style and essence if you read it on other tech blogs)

and the proc is NOT capped at 1.0Ghz as many think 🙂 and its very energy efficient as you can see from the chart below>>
Cpu spy

as i mentioned its all depends on you. no need to succumb to the high prices ppl jack up n a value the put on the non Gangsta model, im happy where i am:)

with the announcement of the iphone4s, i’m glad i chose the s2 as my daily commute companion. so what if the iphone4s has Siri? i have my own version here 🙂

well the Gangsta model is the only one that comes in both white and black. go for the white 🙂 black is too common and with this baby, you attract more “baby” if you get my drift 🙂

hope this 3 part post will help you get  a view on the Gangsta model. plus and minus phones comes with everyphone. all based on needs and also  most impt the $$ 🙂

until my next review..here is a teaser >>


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2nd Encounter: Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G – The Gangsta Breed Physical Evaluation

this is my 2nd take on the G – Gangsta model of the S2. I will be talking more on the physical aspect of the S2 and the white is really sexy 🙂

After booting up the screen, you can clearly see the model mentioned:

Its Super AMOLED Plus Screen with the setting of only 20% brightness>>

This Gangsta runs on the latest version of Android >>

Some Size Comparisons >

With its GrandPapa (samsung Omnia2)

You can clearly see how size does matter in this case

and its super thin in comparison!!

Now comparing it with the Iphone 4s/4 🙂 *you all know its just an Iphone4

Its really HUGE!!! *note that screen brightness has been lowered to 10% on the G

notice that the thickness is slight btwn the 2 due to the protruded lower part of the S2

Plastic vs Steel

1. Lighter

2. Less solid

3. thinner feel

let me wrap up this Gangsta review on its Physical aspect. The next post on this Gangsta will be its internals (sneak Peek) >>

Bench 0

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