EZ Marathon Tips – revised for 2010

Note: This is repeated post from last yr..this yr will be my 3rd time with my buddies at a marathon. 31st July @Putrajaya..the MH & Shape Mag Night Run..anniversary all over again..Woot!!

This post is dedicated to:

Alvin Yap, Donny – 1st Marathon this yr, Aaron Chin, Isk &Nic C

As i have gone thru 2 marathons this past year, just to share for the 1st timers benefit 🙂 *few more this yr i hope 🙂


#1: try drinking the 8 cups of water per day for the entire week before the marathon

#2: Eat big pasta meal/bread/rice two days before the race.

#3: Night before the race don’t eat too much. Bread/noodles will do. You could end up with an upset stomach the next morning


#1: Wear light clothes, but do bear in mind the weather conditions 1st

#2: shoes should be in good condition – very important


#1: Relax the day before. No shopping/lots walking around

#2: Get a good night’s sleep on both Friday and Saturday before the race


#1: Don’t drink too much 100plus before race – your body will cool down fast, lots of *burps and also pee more 😛

#2: have bread+milo as breakfast

#3: Start slow and go at ur own pace

#4: Brief walking breaks periodically. This will help the muscles avoid tightening

#5: if fatigue and/or muscle cramping, stopping briefly to stretch, walking through each water station or slowing down – ur there to enjoy the race not getting injured.

#6: Relax and have fun

After Race:

#1: Change into slippers

#2: have light meals + drink 100plus

#3: hydrate with water the wholeday

#4: rest/sleep

Others: It’s actually best to not have sex, 1 week before marathon but i think Alvin will beg to differ 🙂

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2 thoughts on “EZ Marathon Tips – revised for 2010

  1. chipmunks says:

    haha.. sex is good for you and it increase your stamina during your marathon..haha

  2. admin-ez says:

    hahah..wont be too tiring meh?

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