Why I prefer drinkers to smokers?: old.post#2

There is a certain Country M mentality here, which bothers me a lot.

Let’s do a comparison:

Country S:

No Smoking Sign ~ No one is smoking in sight

Public places ~ I don’t even smell a puff of cigarette smoke anywhere

Indoor Areas ~ Not a puff seen

Clubs & Pubs ~ Fresh air all the way

Designated Smoking area ~ This is where you get to see and smell cigarette smoke

Country M:

No Smoking Sign ~ You can see people puffing with the sign smack in front of their face

Public places ~ I can smell cigarette smoke any time, any where

Indoor Areas ~ Some idiot will smoke at the toilet and also shopping complexes lift

Clubs & Pubs ~ Smokers Heaven

Designated Smoking area ~ Fresh air

How sad is the scenario above? It’s not like we don’t have laws discouraging smoking in public areas, but what are our enforces doing? Many of times I have seen these people puffing away as well.

When you advice people that you are not allowed smoking here, but there is a smoking zone else where, they will either:

  1. Stare at you blankly (as if I’m Speaking German)
  2. Tell you Yes but continue puffing at his spot
  3. Give you a fierce look
  4. Take another stick out and offer to his friend
  5. Worst still offer you 1 stick


This is the sad mentality that we have. I have seen and encounter on many occasions these types of people daily. They even smoke at theme parks where family and kids play.

Majority of them are F*cking rude when you tell them no smoking is allowed!

You there reading this, you know who you are.

If you want to die in cigarette smoke, do it in your room/with your same kind.

I don’t want to die young with you inconsiderate PRICKS smoking in confined and public places.

Yes yes..we know that the cigarette boxes have gory pictures. But does it help? It’s the prices of cigarettes should increase to like RM 15 – RM20 per box. Do more enforcement. Not joining them and smoking at the toilet / bus stop.

Smokers, seek help quitting. You are burning $$ anyhow, and killing the people around you. If you can’t quit, then smoke in your own personal space and don’t invade ours. Don’t you guys feel selfish? Taking non smokers healthy lungs and polluting with your smug of a smoke?

Our mentality must change, smokers please respect non smokers rights to live. Non smokers, please voice out that right every time you feel uncomfortable with people smoking around you.

My most respect to my buddy Donny Ang, who decided to quit and stayed clean until today.

This post is for you.

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