OMG!!sumthing wrong with my eyes?

its been slightly more the 2 years since i did an eye examination and perscribed glasses..

2 days back..while my coll Jessica bought her Armani SunGlasses for her coming *Trip..i went and did a Eye Test on those machines and the results are as follows:

As you all can see..on the Right shows the machine test results vs on the left my current Specs power

Left eye: Overall increase in both power & astig 😦

Previously: Power -3.25, Astig -0.50

Current: Power -3.50, Astig -0.75

Right eye: Astig increase slightly..but Power dropped??

Previously: Power -1.75, Astig -1.00

Current: Power -0.75, Astig -1.25

i am now like ??? what is wrong with my eyes? how can 1 eye power decrease while astig increase while the other eye both astig and power increase..scratching head…#####

So meaning i just need to buy 1 piece of contact lense lo..or just 1 eye subject to lasik treatment? huhu!!

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5 thoughts on “OMG!!sumthing wrong with my eyes?

  1. Callie says:

    Get a new pair of glasses lo…oh..u want contact lense also can lo…Ur astig not that high…can get contact lense without astig what I am doing~~

  2. Callie says:

    Then mai buy one eye only lo~~~~~cheaper somemore!

  3. Fish says:

    Eat fish eyes @@

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