PTPTN – Who say we dont want to Pay?

I think majority of us out there has a PTPTN Loan, unless your a scholarship student or PAPA MAMA Scholarship.

Recently, many of use hv been getting Threat Letters from PTPTN saying that if we dont pay, we will be blacklisted and Barred from leaving the country.

UPDATE #4!!!!

On Monday i was at KWSP Jalan Gasing branch at 8.45am, and by 9.05 am i was done applying and getting the paper works all i need to do is wait 2 week for the cheque to get ready and pay PTPTN..

i got a reply from PTPTN the other day (via email), they didnt say anything other then wanting my ic number..what pricks..i didnt even bother replying their mail

UPDATE #3!!!!

Finally after 2 years, PTPTN has updated its website with regards to the 3% converstion to 1%. So is this replacing the MAILED version of the Surat Tawaran?

‘Peminjam perlu menjawab surat tawaran itu sama ada setuju atau tidak, ini perlu kerana ia melibatkan perjanjian, mereka (peminjam) tidak boleh anggap bila kita umum ia akan berubah kerana ini ada perjanjian. MalaysiaKini media report on Aug 13, 2008

So what i did was login to the site >>

You can see below:

and after keying both my IC and also email address this is what I get:

After 2 freaking years still semakan??????Permohonan boleh dibuat mulai 1st Jan 2011?

So what they mean by all this nonsense? So can i only pay after they have converted mine to 1%?

After calling their “friendly” hotline i found out a few things:

1. Blacklist List – Updated up to 25th august 2010

2. For my year of pinjaman (year 2002 & prev), onli starting 1st Dec 2010 (which is also tentitive date) and Yr 2003-2005 it opens on 1st Nov 2010 ~so we the only can start registering for the conversion of 3% to 1%.  ~ kindly mark your calanders guys/gals

3. Current opening is for those Pinjaman from Yr 2006 – 2008. Kindly do register and dont miss out on this.

For those who wants to know more details and steps to fill up the registration form above kindly visit @smoochiesayn . Kudos to her as she managed to register the converstion 🙂

Enquiring further, they mentioned that they got my letter of complaint and also noticed my posting on MalaysiaKini & email from a MOHE personnel (Thx Guys and also the rest of the people at MOHE and etc..sorry if miss you guys out). but suprisingly there was no reply(explanation i also TAK HARAP) from PTPTN at all pertaining my complaint letter.

So since things are “slowly”moving ~ better then never, its still progress (continue moving dont just bcoz some people make noise onli you move a little), hopefully they will make it work for the rest of the PTPTN Loan takers/repayers..

Im going to KWSP this  monday to settle my PTPTN loan with them. Hopefully it work out right. PTPTN mentioned that if i pay now, they will refund/contra back the balance once my 1% has been implemented for my account..hopefully no bullshit eh

Will update you guys soon.

Thanks to all the comments and support on Twitter, FB, here and at the MalaysiaKini article.


UPDATE #2!!!!

I got a call from home stating that the letter with regards to the total amount needed to pay has just reached home. So did my letter to the Press and PTPTN worked?too early to tell as I have yet to view the letter myself. Will update more on this post as I move along at making payment at KWSP.

UPDATE #1!!!!

I made it on MalaysiaKini >>

I have been paying my PTPTN Loan’s frequently with out fail every year. But due to my busy schedule I usually pay like to pay lump sum every 6 months. Early this year, I wanted to pay via deductions via EPF but I had too many of Roadblocks till I’m fedup with all the hassle. The Chronicles are as follow:

March 2010 – Called up PTPTN, asking about the procedure. Person on the line wasn’t clear of the procedure at all.

April 2010 – Called up PTPTN again. This time, procedure was clear on how to make EPF dedcutions to pay for my PTPTN. Was asked to fill up form online, but the site was down.

June 2010 – Was sent a letter by PTPTN saying if i dont make payments of RM-X amount I will be barred from leaving the country. Still cant access the form from website, the particular page was unaccessable.

July 2010 – Still cant access the form from website, the particular page was unaccessable.

23rd August 2010 – Manage to fill up the form online and submitted. Was noted 7 working days to get back to me on my total repayment. Called PTPTN, confirmed the received my application.

3rd September 2010 – Called PTPTN enquiring about me not getting the letter that states the totally repayment amount. Not ready. Was told 7 – 14 working days. Excepted and waited.

14th September 2010 – Called PTPTN again. Told them its been 14 days and still no letter. They told me at their end, its still processing. I asked when can I expect the letter from PTPTN? The answer was good “Tak Tau Bila, You Wait Saja Lah..Kita akan highlight kat PIC/Department itu”

My Question is now, is it true that many dont want to Pay their PTPTN Loans? Or is it you guys giving us a hard time to pay-up?

For my case, PTPTN with its incompetence work force is giving me a hard time paying back my loans. You guys have the nerve to send me a letter WARNING me that I will not be able to leave the country if I don’t pay. So should i receive a WARNING letter for your incompetency? How dare YOU!

This is just 1 part of a Long Email i Drafted and emailed to PTPTN itself (which i had to Fax over since the Outlook Mail server is FULL!). Ministry of Higher Education,  The Star Newspaper, Malaysiakini,  The Malaysian Insider and also to YB Teresa Kok.

For the full email kindly download it >> Letter to PTPTN 1

Will update this page once there are any replies from any more of the parties.

Kindly comment and give your 2cents here.

*Did you know that the same email i sent to PTPTN was bounced back due to their Outlook exchange server was full? I actually took the initiative to fax them the copy of my letter as well.

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3 thoughts on “PTPTN – Who say we dont want to Pay?

  1. smoochie says:

    my fren actually called up to PTPTN officers regarding the 1% interest, the fella replied her saying – just make sure every month we receive ur payment, then you will automatically eligible for the 1% interest (reads= no payment, no 1% interest). but until now, no notice/letters abt that.

    oh, and my sister who successfully got her PTPTN loan application recently, got her letter and it stated that the interest is 1% together with the amount she loan. but where is ours?

    • admin-ez says:

      they themselves dont knw what is their followup n no sense or responsibility..why must we even pay admin charges if they work that way..those who study so hard to get 1st class Hons also not rewarded also?

  2. smoochie says:

    ok. so i can register mine. basically, they ask us to update our details (parents info and company details), then submite. after that, received an email saying our permohonan sudah diterima dan akan diproses. keputusan permohonan aksn dimaklumkan melalui emel.

    ok, so let’s see how long it takes now…

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