My take on the Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn Festival ~ Msian Style

Well, what do we know about Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn Festival ?

Story 1:

It was created based around a myth of a fallen princess who took the pill of immortality and was banned to spend eternity on the moon. Once a year, the brightness of the lanterns are supposed to guide her back to Earth.

Story 2:

Mid-Autumn Festival commemorates an uprising in China against the Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty  in the 14th century. As group gatherings were banned, it was impossible to make plans for a rebellion and noting that the Mongols did not eat mooncakes, they distribute thousands of moon cakes to the Chinese residents in the city to bless the longevity of the Mongol emperor. Inside each cake, however, was inserted a piece of paper with the message: “Kill the Mongols on the 15th day of the 8th month“. On the night of the Moon Festival, the rebels successfully attacked and overthrew the government.

My Version:

Many (donkey) years ago in Ancient China when the moon was full, a very influential person in a district (and also an entrepreneur) was enjoying himself having chinese tea and eating sweet cakes. As he saw saw kids playing lanterns joyfully, he was thinking..why not I make a business Idea out of this? So he started selling these sweet-cakes called “moon-cakes” and knowing the chinese community loves a celebration..there you go..Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn Festival 🙂

*its fictional own crazy brain doing the talking..dont sue me ok 😉

Here in Malaysia majaority of the chinese community celebrates this festival. But i have seen that other Races do join along, young and old carrying lanterns and enjoying mooncakes n chinese tea with their chinese friends:)

But then for some people  Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn Festival means:

Kids ~ Lanterns + mooncakes + havoc at night = FUN

Biz Man ~ mooncakes = better ties with Biz partners+ better $$ flow for the coming year

Teens ~ excuse for making out

Mooncake makers/sellers ~ mooncake + suckers who buy them = BIG $$$$$$

And for those health conscious Buggers ~

1 Mooncake, durian, plain, baked = 819kcal
1 Mooncake, ham and mixed nuts, baked = 999kcal
1 Mooncake, lotus seed paste, plain, baked = 716kcal
1 Mooncake, lotus seed paste, plain, snow skin = 983kcal
1 Mooncake, lotus seed paste, with four egg yolks, baked = 975kcal
1 Mooncake, lotus seed paste, with one egg yolk, baked = 788kcal
1 Mooncake, lotus seed paste, with two egg yolks, baked = 890kcal
1 Mooncake, red bean paste, plain, baked = 825kcal
1 Mooncake, vegetarian, baked = 874kcal
1 Mooncake, yam paste, flaky pastry, baked = 799kcal

Basically, 1 Mooncake has more calories than a Mcspicy burger. Furthermore, the size of the mooncakes here are the average size one..

So, are you sure you still want a mooncake? HAhahah!

Well, wishing you all and family a wonderful, heart-warming, and delicious home-cooked meal on this Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn Festival night..

i also wish i have home cooked food tonite…oh welll

Happy Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone 🙂

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