so whats life after the SE P1i? part 1

As many noticed that previously that I did all my communication works on my trusty old sony ericsson P1i via apps like :
1. Snaptu – my FBing and Tweeting
2. Opera mini – regular web browsing
3. Gmail – wat else, check my email
4. Regular sms,calls,mms and camera usage

To many it might think “why is this guy complaining about?he got everything covered”

I’m on @digi_telco data unlimited package so I try to fully utilize mydata capacity & stay connected with my family n frens with the P1i, but sadly “the internet is stil trapped in myphone” as per digi internet smarter plan advert.
Let me give you all a rough pros n also cons of the P1i and the supporting apps I mentioned above.

P1i – Pros:
1. Fairly good 3.2megapix camera
2. 3g ready with video call (yeah suck on dat Facetime fan boys..its 5yrs old tech)
3. Has all the necessary enterprise features that assist me with all the email and also attachments
4. QWERTY keyboard with touch screen capability (best of both worlds which I think its the most impt feature)
5. Clear voice calls
6. Good battery life (2days with moderate use)
7.Jog dail

P1i – Cons:
1. Poor OS & hardware intergration – symbian UIQ really made this phone suck & symbian is going down baby with its resource hungry ways;)
2. Auto shut off when there is too many apps running/during teeth-ring or with no reason at all
3. Limited functional apps
4. UIQ project officially close shop
5. Its hard to setup emails on an enterprise phone
6. No youtube
7. No flash support

Apps used on the P1i short review:
1. Snaptu – adware but vy limited function on its twitter n FB app.hope to see it in a more mature state.
2. Gmail – basic send n read email but can’t attach files 😦
3.Opera mini – fast n light,better den P1i native browser.

So you guys might be wondering what phone I got (some might already knw..hush hush ya:)wait for my later post k)..check it out on my later post k

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2 thoughts on “so whats life after the SE P1i? part 1

  1. The Sony Ericsson P1i is a 3G Smartphone, combines business with pleasure in one stylish, compact package. Camera Batteries

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