UPDATE #5!!!! Who say we dont want to Pay?

UPDATE #5!!!!

Got a call from KWSP on 6th October with regards to my cheque for PTPTN is ready for collection.

This is what i call examplementray service by a Gov agency..kudos

will drop by KWPS next friday 22 October to collect it. Will also go to PTPTN n pass them the cheque. will update from there onwards..

KWSP is on twitter btw…kindly follow them here

PTPTN..im still waiting for my 1% admin fee conversion

a recap of what happened previously:

UPDATE #4!!!!

On Monday (27th Sept) i was at KWSP Jalan Gasing branch at 8.45am, and by 9.05 am i was done applying and getting the paper works done..now all i need to do is wait 2 week for the cheque to get ready and pay PTPTN..

i got a reply from PTPTN the other day (via email), they didnt say anything other then wanting my ic number..what pricks..i didnt even bother replying their mail

For track backs of my prev post kindly see here for my rants

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