Local iPhone4 users — Antennagate issues?

image courtesy of gizmodo


Yet again..one of my misadventures at Singapore..yaya..the country with most iPhone users i can think of..

everywhere you look .. someone is using an iPhone and mostly an iPhone4

as i was roaming around a Singtel Shop..i was entertained with the crowd, lining up to get the iPhone4

so being the “very” free guy..what i did was walk up to an iPhone4 which was occupied earlier by an auntie playing FB on it..

my 1st impression was:

  1. WOW!! nice screen
  2. Solid, slightly heavier than the iPhone 3Gs
  3. pockeat-able
  4. nice camera
  5. smooth and fast when loading apps and browsing the web

and then I did the “grip of death”…jeng jeng jeng.. hold behold, the signal dropped from four bars to one bar!!! it was the iPhone 4 on the SingTel network (running iOS 4.1)

sorry no video to prove it..but it was as proven on many occasions/youtube and etc.

oh well..iphone4 users in Msia..comments wanted on this antennagate phenomenon affecting / not affecting you at all..

those with bumpers/housing may not apply..

btw..the free bumper program from apple has ended 🙂 goodluck 🙂

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