Nokia 1st 10mins encounter

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Was over at Singapore during the weekends, came across a Nokia store highlighting its flagship N8.. you all know it comes with 12 megapixel stills, records 720p video, HDMI output, solid build and Symbian^3 touch revolution

As i played with it for 10 mins at the Nokia Store at AMK Hub Singapore, what i noticed:

  1. Its snappy, but not android or iPhone4 snappy when it comes to scrolling, opening applications and in between screens (my bold9700 with less processing speed feels even snappier)
  2. its solid built
  3. camera is great
  4. pocket-able
  5. Symbian^3 is far from ready or break-thru worthy for Symbian or yet Nokia, as it’s not as intuitive or engaging compared to the other just feels old..not innovation and yet boring


Oh well, that was my 10 mins with the N8.

Hoping to get a unit to review soon..if possible and write more about it *grins


For those Nokia here for the full review from engadget

And for those interested to get the Nokia N8, Maxis has it.

for more information go to Maxis website here.


P/s: Nokia..just move on to other platforms if you want to survive in the smartphone biz, like how Sony Ericsson announced that it’s cutting the cord with the Symbian operating system..Cheers!

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One thought on “Nokia 1st 10mins encounter

  1. donny ang says:

    The phone design is good, just lack of a good OS

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