how to turn your iPod touch into an iPhone – for the cheap-o in me&u :)

Image courtesy of LifeHacker


The iPhone and iPod touch have always been similar devices 1 minus the call functionality..hence the makers of Peel came out with a add-on casing with simcard..

so ever since Apples added a front-facing and regular camera to the iPod touch, its more fun and equal, both iPod Touch and iPhone.  now we can even make video calls on both devices — Thanks to VoIP (Voice over IP) apps like Skype.

All we need is:

  1. iPod Touch — but of course
  2. Voip Apps (for calling function), WhatsApp (for SMS function) …etc
  3. iPod compatible headset — if we still cheap-o den ma use the speaker phone function
  4. a location with always on Wifi (free or paid, you must hv authorization and connection lo..) and we are ready to go

Read the full article at LifeHacker

Those who have tried it out do let me knw..i might even get an iPod Touch this Christmas 🙂

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