Yes 4g..i have..have you?

Yes4g is the latest offering from YTL communications. Sounds interesting as their points are:


1. Say goodbye to multiple plans and expensive rates

They dont have separate plans for different services & don’t limit your usage for data, calls or SMS. They give the lowest rates for all these services, and the freedom to use them in any way we like, everything is in one plan and one statement.
2. Pay only for what you use
Apart from giving lowest rates, they also charge only for what we use. While conventional mobile plans tend to come with too little of what we need, and too much of what we don’t need, Yes helps save by charging only for what we use – just like electricity.
3. No strings attached
To get the lowest rates, don’t need to commit to high monthly usage or a long contract. You also don’t have to commit to separate plans, or buy expensive devices. With Yes, you get the lowest rates for everything without conditions.


4.The best deal in the country

No one else gets online+voice calls+SMS, at half the cost of current rate right now. Yes can.

5.Say no to expiry dates

7 days. 10 days. 30 days. What do they have in common? They’re all typical expiry dates. And that means they’re all something can do without. With Yes, rebates and credit will last as long as we want them to.


6. Freedom to spend or save

Have the freedom to decide how much we want to spend. So call more during the festive season or less during the school term.


7. Affordable calls when you’re away

Yes gives more value, even when you’re travelling. All needed is an Internet connection, and make calls to all Malaysian numbers at local call rates. (That means, your call is charged like a local Malaysian call.) Yes, calling home just to say hello just got a whole lot cheaper internationally.


For more info kindly go HERE

Oh well, after so much talk..i have have you?

Cant wait for their official release on plans. Btw, if you pre-register now, you are not obliged to sign the package/plans once its announced 🙂

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