Singapore End 2010 Trip – Part 1

Its been almost a month since i came back from my Singapore Trip..

I was in a dire need for a break and since i just started to have my 5days work week, it came at a no better timing 🙂

After making few arrangements the week before, we drove down to JB and overnite there.

It was the next morning, only we took the bus over to Singapore (do bear in mind, driving into SG is no cheap as I learnt it the hard way my previous trip there mid of the year). So i do advice that public transport is the way to go in Singapore (not only its affordable..its also efficient)

As we reach there just about slighty after lunch and after placing the luggage at  LiLi’s place, we headed over to fill our tummy at Bugis:)

We went to Xin Yuan Ji behind Bugis Junction, which serves really good fish-head noodles and hot pot

Name:  fish-head noodles

Location: Right behind Bugis Junction, same row as the Apple Strudles

Price: SGD 6.00 with drinks

Taste: 4.0/5


Soon after that, we made our way to the Kuan Yin temple to say some prayers:) And after that …


this is the mystical feng shui fountain that many people come over to have their wishes fulfilled.

After walking and buying some windows, sport shoes and more buying windows..its time for Dinner 🙂

LiLi suggested that we go for a Salad Buffet.

I was like “SALAD BUFFET?? ME?? Jialat to be full and fulfill my carnivorous nature?” As you can see from the photo above…pityful right?

But dont be alarmed as they have a very good spread and choices of salads, pasta and etc that is included in the buffet price..n you dont need to order anything extra

But if you are me..then >> BABY PORK RIBS – THE WHOLE SLAB 🙂

But I was sharing, so its ok 🙂 well its a must try place if you are around the area 🙂 Btw, if you guys are make it available in M’sia also 🙂

Name:  Sizzler Steak Seafood Salad

Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore (Inside City Hall Shopping Complex)

Price: SGD 13.xx ++ just for the salad buffet, additional orders hv to pay (with drinks)

Taste: 4.5/5


So after a good meal and the visit to the wash room (*ahem) .. it was time to walk again..but this time slightly further and when i mean further..its about 30 mins walk to Marina Bay Sands *jeng jeng jeng 🙂


Feast your eyes on these photos:

Exterior shots >>

how i wished i brought along a tripod .. opss i dont even have a camera being me

all i can say its heaven for those who loves to take architectural /landscape photos..and with the light on at night..its marvellous:)


well nw for the interior shots..and i dont mean the casino 🙂

* no camera/photos allowed in casino – i can briefly describe how it looks:) if you have been to Vegas (or even watched the series on TV) its there..pure CLASS 🙂


other then the casino this place is packed with many high end fashion labels and they really go all out to promote their brands.


Oh well, thats part 1 for now..

So if you guys are looking forward for part 2..this is the sneak peek of what is coming up 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Singapore End 2010 Trip – Part 1

  1. Donny Ang says:

    baby pork ribs… naish~ :D~

  2. […] this is part 2 of the promised continuation from my earlier post of my Singapore trip. i knw i might be late..but as ppl say “better late then […]

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