Android version of the Blackberry?its makes good SENSE! I LIKE!!

most blackberry users like myself are abit of sick and tired of the following:

1. low proc speed. ram or space for apps and OS causing the device to slow down terribly.

3.old tech os and also old spec-ed tech

4.additional service for BBM or BIS (telcos charge an extra premium over the rest)

5.the list goes on and on and on


oh well..lets welcome HTC ChaCha – an android device that has the design of a blackberry and also better spec-ed compared to the current and also upcoming BB device..

yes it might have a “gimmicky” Facebook button that lets you share just about anything with just one touch – but ppl tend to forget that this could be a real threat to the blackberry if android is executed well on a qwerty candy bar design that RIM has manage to pull off quite well.

running on android os 2.3.3 with a tweaked htc sense you get best of android and also HTC offering. right from the phone, not only you get FB button to allow constant updates to your FB account, it comes also with a FB Chat, where you can chat with all your friends on the world’s biggest social networking site. HTC ChaCha’s Facebook chat widget means you can group all your friends together, and see when anyone is online.

i googled for a tool that does a comparison btwn my current bold2-9700 and the Cha Cha..results are music to my ears:)

until i get a unit to review, i shall end here with good promising notes for the HTC Cha Cha..and dont you feel this color makes it look uber-sexy 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Android version of the Blackberry?its makes good SENSE! I LIKE!!

  1. Athin says:

    Whatis the original price of the HTC ChaCha phone in Singapore???

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