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Men’s Health Refine & Define – The Manly Man Thing To Do for better self improvement

This blog post is actually very long it was supposed to come out last year after the MH R&D 2009. Sorry to keep all the Heng Tai’s waiting for it.

How it all started was in late 2008, when I was working in Genting, i was at my all time low and needed something to bring me up..and yes i was also quite the Fat-ty..

So as i flipped thru the MH magazine, i saw the entry and told myself — “i must participate n try to improve myself”.so i took the time to email and etc n the rest i left it to god..

i totally forgot about my submission until i got a call from a Hot Chick – Sereena “Stil a Hot Mama” 🙂

she told me i was selected to be the 20 guys and the rest was history 🙂

This picture was taken during our 1st fitness assessment. Noticed all the odd shaped guys..i was one of them. With all the modules that we participated and enjoyed..the bond between all 20 of us guys grew stronger each day. we also meet up not only during modules, but also for gym, drinks, lunch or dinners..and etc…

This friendship that we all 20 have is really something special..even the editors noticed it..

Even after 1 year..our brother hood/friendship is still strong amongst us all..and we all still look damn good 🙂

So to those who are interested to join..ur more then welcome..all you need to do is grab a copy of MH Msia Magazine at your favourite newstand / bookstore and when there is an entry form for the Refine & Define Challange, do fill it in and submit and at some roadshows you can also fillup and submit on the spot .. and also (crossing your fingers always) all da best and rememeber to enjoy yourself at the modules and take it to the next level 🙂

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MH/Shape Run 2010

These are my Men’s Health/Shape Run for 2009 and 2010 running bib:)

It was a great run, as the 2nd time around it wasnt too hot or humid.

Kudos to Donny for completing his 1st ever Run..he did a full 5km run i tell you:)

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EZ Marathon Tips – revised for 2010

Note: This is repeated post from last yr..this yr will be my 3rd time with my buddies at a marathon. 31st July @Putrajaya..the MH & Shape Mag Night Run..anniversary all over again..Woot!!

This post is dedicated to:

Alvin Yap, Donny – 1st Marathon this yr, Aaron Chin, Isk &Nic C

As i have gone thru 2 marathons this past year, just to share for the 1st timers benefit 🙂 *few more this yr i hope 🙂


#1: try drinking the 8 cups of water per day for the entire week before the marathon

#2: Eat big pasta meal/bread/rice two days before the race.

#3: Night before the race don’t eat too much. Bread/noodles will do. You could end up with an upset stomach the next morning


#1: Wear light clothes, but do bear in mind the weather conditions 1st

#2: shoes should be in good condition – very important


#1: Relax the day before. No shopping/lots walking around

#2: Get a good night’s sleep on both Friday and Saturday before the race


#1: Don’t drink too much 100plus before race – your body will cool down fast, lots of *burps and also pee more 😛

#2: have bread+milo as breakfast

#3: Start slow and go at ur own pace

#4: Brief walking breaks periodically. This will help the muscles avoid tightening

#5: if fatigue and/or muscle cramping, stopping briefly to stretch, walking through each water station or slowing down – ur there to enjoy the race not getting injured.

#6: Relax and have fun

After Race:

#1: Change into slippers

#2: have light meals + drink 100plus

#3: hydrate with water the wholeday

#4: rest/sleep

Others: It’s actually best to not have sex, 1 week before marathon but i think Alvin will beg to differ 🙂

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