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Melbourne, Aussie Part1

as i was away with work n personal stuff..this was my latest trip away..8bloody long hours flight(via AirAsiaX) from KL to Melbourne, Aussie..and this is my fav photo from the whole trip 🙂

as usual, some photogs from my recent trip..and plenty more to come to keep u all enticed.

well, it was a rainy+sunny+cold+windy season when i was in Melbourne from May23-May28th,2011. Temperature was about 10degrees Celsius, but no thx to strong coastal winds at certain places..temp drop like crazy..

so we reached Melb at 820am, bloody early n after a bloody long flight, we were greeted by heavy rain, and after we checkin to the Hotel, Mercure (great plc n location, in Chinatown) we went hunting for breakfast on foot (yes walking)..

from all the pots you can see all types of styles or breakfast you can get..but finally we settled for traditional >>

bacon + cheese + sumthing sumthign grilled n toasted = aussie styled 🙂 and also the normal


aft a good breakfast + armed with >>

we planned out our travel route for the day with the visit to queen victoria market + some sight seeing + meeting with papa chap for dinner..and this was our transport for the day (most of the time in Melb City)

here is the Melb City Circle Tram.its free but not alwys on time..est willbe about 15-30mins wait..but the view is good..where you can see most of these>>

and also >>

amazing how all the nice autumn colors come to life..more in pt2 and pt3 of this aussie adventure..

well this trip in the city circle tram, helps with the planning for Day of our trip 🙂


so upon reaching Queen Victoria Market..we were greeted by>>

fruits & vege at cheap cheap n really good good prices..and also

fresh seafood..look at the colors weiii..and also

assortments.. and its lunch time 🙂

there were many choices, but since the other half love this..we went with Fish&Chips:) not your ordinary dory fish fillet, but the meat of a red snapper, fillet properly and deep fried golden brown , not overly coated batter.

all in all impressive..

but most importantly is that the Market is CLEAN, DRY & NON SMELLY..with fresh products & good prices, a must go place to experience and do a spot of souvenir shopping 🙂

after a few more hours walking around the city and some sight seeing + phototaking + resting at hotel..

we had a meetup + dinner + drinking session with an old buddy from the MH R&D..

here is Papa Chap for you 🙂

we ended in a local pub that serves good food n drinks (try the local brew = little creatures, its damn good) , chatting and drinking and had a few good laughs..

a few more walks around melb and we called it a night..


what you will see in the the next post of my adventures in Melb, Aussie >>


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Preview 2 – i.heart.taiwan

not to sound too cheesy with or coz of this yrs CNY movie (i tease them wit + feet..LOLZ)


and yes i.heart.taiwan and im being a lazy bum about posting the photos and doing a proper blog post about it..4 mths d..hardly can rmb the names n location (all in Cina ma)

so here is preview 2 — which is the itenary of what i have been in taiwan >>

and few more teasers >>

these goes vy well with hot porridge 🙂


enjoying this seaweed + anchovies + fish soup while enjoying a cool breeze by the seaside


some lovely red strawberries ready for plucking

this cutie pie lavender plc

and last but not least..our fav n friendly companion 🙂 tu-li


more to come….

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Preview 1 — Taiwan Dec 2010-Jan 2011!!

i knw..i knw..i owe lots of you guys photos of taiwan..

these photos i pinched from LiLi 1st..haha 🙂 thanks ya…

where we got food >>

and more food >>


some sights >>

End of Preview 1 — tune in for more 🙂

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