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rehabilitated berry-addict

its been 50 days since i last BBM, whatsapp and even FB via my berry.
Thanks for the assistance and also reply from RIMs Customer Loyalty Officer and her effort to assist me thru my case.
But sadly to say, i will not own a berry device anytime soon (ie i wont fork out my $$ to buy another berry) until:
1. RIM can buck up for good
2. OS 7 devices can be up gradable to OS8(QNX) without any glitch
3. Proper distributors and local customer support.
4. Less ridiculousness in the device pricing

enuff still using my winmo6.5. eventho i miss all those social features, but its still more reliable then my old 9700

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Quick update on “my open letter to RIM”

well, just a quick update:

my telco actually took it seriously ( thx for the knw who you are) and had a pow wow with the lousy distributor and manage to get me my replacement set (for the 9700 of course)..n i ditched it to my dad (and pray he doesn’t face the issues i did)

but then Qs are:

1. does the distributor needs to learn about my open letter only to act on the 1 to 1 replacement?

2. BB help on twitter stil sucks! they even asked me if they did help with my recent BlackBerry question? Please take their survey so they can improve service?

3. again, is it just me being unlucky with having 3 berries replaced to me in less then 1 year where your local support cant handle?!

for those who didnt know about what i was talking about >> click here

dear RIM i demand an explanation!

and guess what am i ditching you guys for >>

a 2yrs old samsung running winMo6.5!!

which is not a “full fledged” new edged and social friendly smartphone, at least it DOESNT DIE ON ME SO OFTEN LIKE YOUR BERRIES!!

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my open letter to RIM

Dear RIM CEO’s

I have always fancied using a Blackberry device. All my friends I connect with use one. Finding it as a very viable option to communicate (for both work and connecting socially) on a stable and secure platform and mobile device, I decided to take the plunge with owning my 1st Blackberry device – the Bold 9700, with tying up with my Telco with a 2 years contract period. I was happy and amazed with the little tool and device I call mine. But ever since then, things gone down hill from there.

During my 1st 3 days of owning the Bold 9700, it went dead just like that after one fine morning as I woke up from my sleep. There was nothing can be done from my end as I cant power on, cant reset or even restoring my backup was an issue, thus I went to to my Telco to rectify it. It was after 2 hours of troubleshooting, they did a ROM re-flash and countless setting for me, finally the device came back to life.

That didn’t stop there as well, less then 1 month later, the device died on me again.  This time not only it auto reboots every morning and evening, it also freezes every time a notification came in. I called up my Telco Helpline, they have actually promised that if my device is not repairable, no questions asked, I will receive a replacement. Again, I sent back the device to the Telco Service Center to rectify. True enough, after 2 hours of trying, they finally gave up and replaced me a new Bold 9700.

Soon after the replacement Bold 9700 worked fine, laggy at times, even before the OS6 update (done at my Telco Service Center), I didn’t complaint. But now, after 7 months on the replacement Bold 9700, the same symptoms appear; it auto reboots on occasional days, but a few times in 1 day, it also freezes on occasional notifications or at certain applications, unable to detect my memory card (causing me to always repair the card – even though the is no issues with the card), and worst still – drop calls.

I called and explained my issues to my Telco Customer Helpline & enquired and I walked to their Telco Service Center and explained what steps that i have done to troubleshoot. So hoping for a 1 to 1 exchange unit to not have down time (which I got information off RIM website), I was declined as there was a policy from my Telco saying I need to deal with my local distributor directly (Brightstar) with the promise of a replacement! Imagine me, a customer who took up a 2 years contract, needing to deal with the distributor directly? 
After wasting ½ of my day, I requested Telco Service Center there to inform Brightstar personnel about my case, thus I went over to Brightstar Distributions, explained my situation all over again and appealed that I would like to have a replacement unit. But I was again declined, saying that I need to leave my device with them for few days to test what’s wrong, and if I were to need a unit to use, it would be on a loan basis, where I need to pay a few hundred $$ cash in deposit!

I’m the person who doesn’t have the liberty of free time in my busy work schedule as my industry doesn’t allow much off days in 1 month, and down time is totally unacceptable. The even most disappointing thing here I know RIM offers 1 to 1 exchange for its Blackberry devices, but here I was declined, due to either hardware or software failure that cant be solved at Telco and also Distributor (Brightstar) level, and I need to wait for another few more days and pay for a loan unit! Its not my fault that I’m unlucky to be blessed with 2 faulty Blackberry devices that has a life span of less then 1 year.

My question is how can a less the 3 days, and now less then 1 year Blackberry device has so many issues until its needed to be sent back to my Telco for rectification and hoping for a replacement. I actually learnt how to troubleshoot a buggy Blackberry device from this experience.

Why I’m writing to you today is because I have already lost faith in the Blackberry brand, its services provided by local distributors and also the Telco providing me the services that is. For a company that serves multi-million corporations and worldwide Government bodies, reliability has definitely gone down even for a normal user as myself. How can I continue to use my Blackberry with the lousy service rendered by my local distributor and with knowing that my Blackberry might just die on me again?

P/S: I had to draft this email using my laptop as my Blackberry is auto rebooting again.
And since my emails always gets rejected back>>
i have to revert to twitter blackberryhelp>>
but until today also reply!!! what is wrong with RIM?
and brightstar, im not getting any gadgets from you and i shall advise my friends the same as well
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