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Restoran Swee Yen – Ulu Yam Lama

If ever your in Ulu Yam or in its vicinity, ie Batang Kali or just after a trip to Genting, this place you must come — Swee Yen Restaurant.

They serve crispy bits of pieces of pork lard with almost all their noodles dishes.

Seriously photos my myBB don’t do justice to its real look and taste.

They serve awesome home made fish cakes – RM12per plate

Next will b the fried Mi suah aka longevity noodles.
Lots of shallots, pork and spring onions at RM12per plate

Highlight of the night must be the lam mi – rich wit the vinegar taste that doesn’t overwhelms the noodles taste. This big bowl cost us RM 15

Next will be a noodles @ sliced flour called pak kor. Good n tasty wit tiny bits of preserved vege. RM15

Finally comes the hokkien mi – my fav RM12.

Overall I will come again to this restaurant. If your hunting for cheap n good home cooked food..this is the place to be.

For location kindly refer to the link below —

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Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone ;)

To all family, relatives, friends, enemies, work mates and what ever I can’t think off right now..

Wishing all of u a very happy chinese new year!! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!
Drive safe, party safe and eat safe 😉

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Ipoh Makan Makan :)

As you all know..there are plenty states in M’sia that has nomming-glorious food all around 🙂

So during my last weekend at ipoh..let me introduce to you the many nomming-licious food there is 🙂

Name: Chee Cheong Fun (with mushroom sauce)

Location: Opposite Pasir Pinji Market

Price: RM 2.50 (coz added curry pig-skin)

Taste: 3.5/5


Name: Taugeh Chicken

Location: Onn Kei Restaurant, Ipoh Town

Price: Not i pay so dont knw..hehe

Taste: 4.5/5


Name: Dry Curry Noodles

Location: Pasir Puteh

Price: Not i pay so dont knw..hehe

Taste: 4.5/5 (almost as par at the tong ku teng version)

Extra bonus feature is this >>> Fried Chicken Wings & Roast Pork to go with the Dry Curry Noodles 🙂


And last but not fav ipoh yong tau foo

Name: Yong Tau Foo

Location: Kar Pin, Jln Bendahara, Ipoh

Price: Noodles – RM 1.50 & Yong Tau Foo perpcs – RM0.50

Taste: 4/5

Extra bonus is that the noodles and yong tau foo are in bigger portions compared to Under the Big Tree version 🙂


So the next time you all go to ipoh..and wanna avoid the crowd at the popular places, feel free to drop by these places and give it a try 🙂

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