Intro: Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G – The Different Kind of Breed

As there are many reviewers on the v1 of the galaxy s2 GT i9100, lemme intro you to the new breed and it comes in white too 🙂

as you all can see, the updated front cover of the packaging has the 1.2ghz statement (like ppl dont knw liddat)

and the back, clearly states the G model in the series>>

other then that..lets see whats the differences from the G and nonG. i would like to call the G model as “Gangster”. i will explain further more in coming posts 🙂


what you get inside will be >>

  1. Headset
  2. battery
  3. charger
  4. earphones + ear buds
  5. some papers for instructions
this greets you when 1st open the virgin box
after removing the back cover, there is the slot for the micro SD card, SIM and also battery. can u see how white is the s2 compared to my white coffee table?
let me show you how thin the battery cover is (not to mention flimsy)>>
i will leave you guys with this last photo, before i go into the specs and also usage and y i call the G = Gangster unit, compared to v1
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rehabilitated berry-addict

its been 50 days since i last BBM, whatsapp and even FB via my berry.
Thanks for the assistance and also reply from RIMs Customer Loyalty Officer and her effort to assist me thru my case.
But sadly to say, i will not own a berry device anytime soon (ie i wont fork out my $$ to buy another berry) until:
1. RIM can buck up for good
2. OS 7 devices can be up gradable to OS8(QNX) without any glitch
3. Proper distributors and local customer support.
4. Less ridiculousness in the device pricing

enuff still using my winmo6.5. eventho i miss all those social features, but its still more reliable then my old 9700

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