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2nd Encounter: Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G – The Gangsta Breed Physical Evaluation

this is my 2nd take on the G – Gangsta model of the S2. I will be talking more on the physical aspect of the S2 and the white is really sexy 🙂

After booting up the screen, you can clearly see the model mentioned:

Its Super AMOLED Plus Screen with the setting of only 20% brightness>>

This Gangsta runs on the latest version of Android >>

Some Size Comparisons >

With its GrandPapa (samsung Omnia2)

You can clearly see how size does matter in this case

and its super thin in comparison!!

Now comparing it with the Iphone 4s/4 🙂 *you all know its just an Iphone4

Its really HUGE!!! *note that screen brightness has been lowered to 10% on the G

notice that the thickness is slight btwn the 2 due to the protruded lower part of the S2

Plastic vs Steel

1. Lighter

2. Less solid

3. thinner feel

let me wrap up this Gangsta review on its Physical aspect. The next post on this Gangsta will be its internals (sneak Peek) >>

Bench 0

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how to turn your iPod touch into an iPhone – for the cheap-o in me&u :)

Image courtesy of LifeHacker


The iPhone and iPod touch have always been similar devices 1 minus the call functionality..hence the makers of Peel came out with a add-on casing with simcard..

so ever since Apples added a front-facing and regular camera to the iPod touch, its more fun and equal, both iPod Touch and iPhone.  now we can even make video calls on both devices — Thanks to VoIP (Voice over IP) apps like Skype.

All we need is:

  1. iPod Touch — but of course
  2. Voip Apps (for calling function), WhatsApp (for SMS function) …etc
  3. iPod compatible headset — if we still cheap-o den ma use the speaker phone function
  4. a location with always on Wifi (free or paid, you must hv authorization and connection lo..) and we are ready to go

Read the full article at LifeHacker

Those who have tried it out do let me knw..i might even get an iPod Touch this Christmas 🙂

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Local iPhone4 users — Antennagate issues?

image courtesy of gizmodo


Yet again..one of my misadventures at Singapore..yaya..the country with most iPhone users i can think of..

everywhere you look .. someone is using an iPhone and mostly an iPhone4

as i was roaming around a Singtel Shop..i was entertained with the crowd, lining up to get the iPhone4

so being the “very” free guy..what i did was walk up to an iPhone4 which was occupied earlier by an auntie playing FB on it..

my 1st impression was:

  1. WOW!! nice screen
  2. Solid, slightly heavier than the iPhone 3Gs
  3. pockeat-able
  4. nice camera
  5. smooth and fast when loading apps and browsing the web

and then I did the “grip of death”…jeng jeng jeng.. hold behold, the signal dropped from four bars to one bar!!! it was the iPhone 4 on the SingTel network (running iOS 4.1)

sorry no video to prove it..but it was as proven on many occasions/youtube and etc.

oh well..iphone4 users in Msia..comments wanted on this antennagate phenomenon affecting / not affecting you at all..

those with bumpers/housing may not apply..

btw..the free bumper program from apple has ended 🙂 goodluck 🙂

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